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fulfilment of a duty.
The second one was related to Com. Palani, a T T of Virugambakkam exchange. 3 months ago he has resigned his job of course without knowing that he may completely loose his pension and other benefits despite being in service for 20 years. When he realised this blunder everything was over and the management accepted his resignation promptly of course on his compulsion only. We intervene once again to save the situation with both GM( HR) and Corporate office. Finally he has rejoined today for duty after his earlier resignation was permitted to be withdrawn . We thank the management for this good gesture.
Both these comrades have expressed their sincere thanks for the steps taken by our circle Union. We are happy at the relief and joy experienced by both the families. We wish them a very Happy New year ahead for them in 2017.  Click1,

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In 1996, the Tamilnadu government renamed Madras to Chennai providing the reason that 'Chennai' was the city's traditional name while Madras was one derived during colonial rule.

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Chennai has a population of about 9 million people, making it India's fifth largest city after Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

The word sari described in Sanskrit शाटी śāṭī [7] which means 'strip of cloth' [8] and शाडी śāḍī or साडी sāḍī in Pali , and which was corrupted to sāṛī in modern Indian languages. [9] The word 'Sattika' is mentioned as describing women's attire in ancient India in Sanskrit literature and Buddhist literature called Jatakas . [10] This could be equivalent to modern day 'Sari'. [10] The term for female bodice , the choli evolved from ancient Stanapatta . [11] [12] Rajatarangini (meaning the 'river of kings'), a tenth-century literary work by Kalhana, states that the choli from the Deccan was introduced under the royal order in Kashmir. [13]

The dollar is in healthier shape than it has been many times in the past in relation to the euro and pound sterling, but a trip to one of Western Europe’s capitals still feels like a shopping trip to Tiffany’s. Australia is not much better, and a trip to Japan could drain your whole life savings in a week.

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Another illustrious landmark is the Norman and Flemish-style Crawford Market, which was built in the 1860s by William Emerson, a distinguished British architect. The market now sells a wide selection of fresh produce, clothing and souvenir items, and was the first building in the country to be powered by electricity, in 1882. You should also take time to explore The Mumbai High Court, another remarkable building that dates back to the early Victorian period and was designed in the decorative neo-Gothic style.

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