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If you only visit one major historical tourist attraction in Bangkok, this should be the one. The royal compound lives up to its name, with spectacular structures that would put the most decadent modern monarchs to shame. It's also the home of Wat Phra Kaeo , which houses the Jade (or Emerald) Buddha.

He will then take you to a tuk tuk driver who will claim to take you to the nearby Big Buddha and Lucky Buddha, which actually doesn’t exist. He will actually end up taking you to a jewelry shop and try to get you to invest in some jewelry, which the jewelers claim will fetch you a lot of money back in your home country.

Bangkok can be the place where your dreams come true but be careful or you might get scammed. Here are common scams that occur in Bangkok and Thailand.

Excellent shoe construction makes a $400 product. The soles are the biggest factor that comes into play. They’re put together in either of two ways.

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Phad Thai is one of Thailand’s local delicacies (yum!), and is immensely popular among tourists and locals. It’s commonly found in many restaurants across Bangkok, or even at the countless street stalls everywhere you go. Now you can bring a taste of Thailand home with you – just add hot water and voila! Steaming hot delicious Phad Thai , ready in seconds. Dig in !

However, tourists rarely scratch the surface of what this city has to offer. Our Bangkok volunteers forge meaningful relationships with locals, find themselves behind the scenes in temples, hospitals and orphanages and end up seeing a side of Thailand that’s all but inaccessible to package tourists and backpackers. Check out the following Bangkok volunteer projects that Friends for Asia coordinates in Bangkok and submit your application today. This could end up being one of the most meaningful experiences in your life.

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Bangkok is a huge and modern city humming with nightlife and fervour. Administratively, it is split up into 50 districts (เขต khet ), which are further split into 154 subdistricts (แขวง khwaeng ), but these are more often used in official business and for addresses. Visitors will find the conceptual division below of the main areas more useful for getting around.

Khun Narin studied at one of France's most prestigious fashion schools. Located just steps from the Nana BTS Skytrain station, 14-year-old Narin Couture is headed up by a trilingual quirky couturier with a quick grin. 

Looking at the high-rise apartment buildings, the Skytrain and the perennial traffic jam on Sukhumvit Road, it is hard to believe that this area used to consist of rice fields until World War II. After the war, this area became developed with large contemporary villas catering to the upper class. As property values kept rising, developers have been buying more and more land and cashed them in by constructing big apartment high-rises. The construction of the BTS Skytrain in 1999, covering most of Sukhumvit Road, has increased the popularity of this district even more.

Read on for the only shopping guide to Bangkok that you'll ever need. (Also check out some other things you MUST do in BKK in the video below!)

You must have heard a lot about Bangkok food. Perhaps even overwhelmed with choice to the point of not knowing where to start. That's why we decided to come up with the list. And we went EVERYWHERE. We dined in fancy places, hunted out cafe favourites like After You's famous Shibuya Honey Toast and went deep into local territory trying lip-smacking Bangkokg street food like fried chicken.

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cheap dress in bangkokcheap dress in bangkokcheap dress in bangkok