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The secret to it's deep penetration is  low noise , Everything is designed from the ground up to minimize all types of noise. To do this XPI utilizes the following techniques.

  • Do something unexpected for your partner just to make them happy . Fix something broken or spiff up the house. Be careful not to do something that makes them feel like they “should have” done it but you beat them to it! Sometimes a romantic idea doesn't seem so romantic until you see the love and appreciation in your partner's eyes. SURPRISE!

    If you are up for a laugh then go dressed as Old Ladies or grannies. You can get your outfit from a charity shop. Don't forget the accessories like a hair net, zimmer frame or stick.

    Very brave of you Msgr. Let me help a little, the ladies can get mad at me instead. Decent women and girls whould dress decently at all times.

    The Phaze alternative Punk collection incorporates new futuristic cyber designs in unique glossy vinyl PVC designs . You can choose Phaze retro styled Punk clothing featuring metallic detailing including zippers, D rings and spiked studs. We also stock plaid and tartan dresses, bondage trousers and tops , alongside our extensive vinyl PVC gloss clothing range. Wearing Phaze threads gives you an alternative edge fit for the streets of Soho and Camden Clubs. Our garments are manufactured in the UK but sold world wide and have appeared on X Factor and other TV shows. Check out the amazing range of alternative leggings and Directions hair colours and stargazer make up to create the "Urban Punk Look."

    If you are sure that none of the above applies to you, and wish us to investigate the problem, we need to know your IP address. Go to this site , don't sign up, just copy the IP address (it looks like: but your numbers will be different) and mail it to us . If that page also shows a proxy address, we need that one too.

    Inevitably, how we dress and what we wear affects how we feel – as they say, clothes make the man (or the woman).  But is something like a man wearing a skirt really so radical?  After all, women have been wearing pants for decades, and though it took some time for it to become wholly socially accepted, jeans and trousers are now so much part of the average Western woman’s wardrobe that to imagine life without them would be difficult.  The situation with men seems to be much more rigid.

    When I commute to work on the subway wearing a tie and jacket (the rest of the year), people always call me “sir”, my random smiles are returned, people say “excuse me”.

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