Cheap dress up storage

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Once you start sewing, you realize how fast your sewing supplies and fabric stash start accumulating! (See our guide for necessary sewing items here .) Keeping your supplies and fabric organized from the start will help keep you motivated to sew (and to stay organized). It's amazing how much less time it takes to sew when you don't have to search around for your scissors or dig through drawers to find the right needle. See our stylish and economical ways to store your sewing supplies.

Check out my DIY Dress Up Storage ideas! Here's my solution to dress up storage ! Get rid of the mess and get the dress up corner organized!

For a balanced design, repeat a bedroom's motifs and color schemes . Borrow patterns such as flowers, stripes, and falling leaves from bedspreads, borders, and upholstery.

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cheap dress up storagecheap dress up storagecheap dress up storage