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Please note: As I had many sources for this information, I have noted the information taken from a source dated 1892 with ♦ and the information from a 1902 source with ♦♦. Just for fun, I included the price of the material (if known).

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Working for a full calendar year, Ruth, Alex and Peter are rediscovering a lost world of skills, crafts and knowledge, assisted by an ever-dwindling band of experts who keep Victorian rural practices alive.

Women s fashions in the Victorian era remain a favorite piece of eye candy for period movie lovers and an easy source for ensemble ideas for fans of fluff and frills. If you want to add a little period...

Then, in 1965, an engineer for Scott asked his wife to design a basic A-line dress using Duraweave fabric so the company could create samples for potential department-store clients. Though these garments were certainly more durable than the company’s paper towels, they were still meant to be discarded after a couple of wears. (The dresses were actually washable but included a warning that water would remove the garment’s fire-retardant coating.)

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