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You may be surprised to find some of the cheap fringe dresses here are ideal for evening wear. There are also options with which make excellent party dresses. You will even find many casual dressing options which have fringe added to them to create a fun and youthful look. Wear these cheap dresses with everything from your more funky jewelry to sleek high heels and you will find a world of awesome looks to enhance your wardrobe.

This image, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a plaited newspaper purse from the 1860s. This was a common craft of the mid 19th century and was used to make bonnets as well as purses.

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This amazing book created a sensation when it was released in 1924 as it revolutionized the dressmaking process. The speed and ease with which a dress could be created was unprecedented at this time and even today it raises eyebrows.

I ordered this in silver and will be wearing it as my Wedding dress and it is beautiful! The one shoulder strap is stunning and has a very dramatic look! I am sometimes uneasy about ordering online, but I scored with dress!

Ever seen a really gorgeous dress on the runway or in those awesome fashion magazines you couldn't afford? Or maybe you just dream of a beautiful dress and could never find it? Here are some basic tips on how to make your own dress, as well as links to specific articles with more detailed instructions on various tips and techniques for dressmaking.

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