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Glen Remembers His First Car:     While listening to your tunes, I found couple of photos of my first car; 1947 Chevrolet "Blue Flame 6". Paid $100 for it. Boy, I thought that car was the cat's meow. Went to work on the engine. Before long had totally rebuilt it and added three one barrel carbs and "converted" the exhaust manafold for duel glass packs. No big deal except during a time I was going to school, had no job, and had no   money. Was blessed to have lots of helpful friends.

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Fred Ward
My memories is of playing on the first every Pop festival alongside Cream Pink Floyd Geno Washington and Jimi Hendrix Drummer Fred Ward

This image, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a plaited newspaper purse from the 1860s. This was a common craft of the mid 19th century and was used to make bonnets as well as purses.

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