Cheap 9 drawer dresser

You'll be all smiles making this modern-day version of a bulletin board. Customize the size, fabric, and string design to create a playful display with just a few standard tools. Use a staple gun to cover medium-density fiberboard with white felt and fabric. Create rows of tacks and wrap string around each one to create a web. Place photos behind the string, and display.

You mentioned the Nose Frida; what’s your opinion on it? My family thinks it’s the grossest idea. I don’t want to invest in something if I’m just going to use the $2 bulb syringe anyway, so I’m looking for other opinions.

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I love Andrea’s idea at ‘Queen B’ for repurposing her old drawers. These front porch planters are so welcoming, makes me want to sit down and chat for a awhile… And isn’t that what you want from your front porch? So pretty!

Our bedroom is constantly littered with Brennan’s books so I was looking for a way to hide a stash of books there permanently.

We have a dresser that was given to us by a relative. It’s an old 1970’s style dresser with nine drawers. It is about three feet tall, eight feet wide and two feet deep. It was one of those pieces of furniture that makes one wonder, “Why would anyone ever have bought that?” It had the faux wood countertop on top and the drawer faces were covered with those really tacky twirly relief patterns people really liked in the 70’s. Still, much to my husband’s surprise, I could see the value in it!

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cheap 9 drawer dressercheap 9 drawer dressercheap 9 drawer dresser