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By purchasing our furniture sets, you will discover that creating your own look for your bedroom has never been easier. Dubai Furniture Direct is proud to offer you furniture sets of impeccable quality and craftsmanship. And you will definitely fall in love the furniture that not only is incredibly beautiful, but is sturdy as well, and no doubts will last for ages. We especially pride ourselves with our team of professional specialist who strive to deliver first-rate service and handle any tasks in a timely manner.

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The most important consideration in choosing a night stand is its height relative to your bed. You'll want one that keeps your alarm clock, lamp and glass of within reach.

We have a dresser that was given to us by a relative. It’s an old 1970’s style dresser with nine drawers. It is about three feet tall, eight feet wide and two feet deep. It was one of those pieces of furniture that makes one wonder, “Why would anyone ever have bought that?” It had the faux wood countertop on top and the drawer faces were covered with those really tacky twirly relief patterns people really liked in the 70’s. Still, much to my husband’s surprise, I could see the value in it!

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Dressers are an essential component of any bedroom furniture set, providing space to store clothing and other bedroom essentials. There are several variables to consider when picking the ideal dresser for your space, including the amount of storage space you will need, the size of your space, and what style you would like the dresser to be. There are a range of different options in terms of storage capacity from small chests of drawers with just a couple compartments, to substantial pieces of furniture that can feature more than 10 separate drawers. The size of your room factors into the amount of storage space that you may be able to accommodate; if you have a limited amount of space you may want to consider a tall dresser that utilizes vertical area to provide ample storage with a smaller footprint. However, if you do have the room, we also offers horizontal dressers that can serve a dual purpose as drawer storage and a table top that could hold books, knick-knacks, or a table lamp.

For a couple starting a new life together, finding a compromise on bedroom furniture is crucial to both parties. There should be a good balance between style preferences and spatial requirements. Some...

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