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The RAST is super versatile (and cheap!) so it gets hacked in so many great ways — Life on Virginia Street turned it into a printer stand for her gorgeous home office! Smart!

Hi! Could you explain more about the shelves upside down? I don’t see it in the picture.
Beautifull by the way!!

Painting assembled Ikea furniture obviously has the advantage of not having to take apart and put back together your furniture, which can be a time consuming process that could also damage the components if care isn’t taken. It also means that you’ll only be painting the parts of the furniture that will be visible saving you time and paint. The panels are mostly suspended in midair so you can paint both sides at the same time without having to wait for one side to dry before you can flip it, rest it on the ground and paint the other side (which typically causes the painting process to take twice as long).

But really, since you DID get jumped to the head when you made it clear that you were ready to couldn't have been that much of a hassle, could it? Talking to a manager when I know that my POV is fair is just something that I take in stride.

We have ikea pax wardrobes and have some of them over 10 years. We have collapsed them down several times for house moves. They are solid and sturdy.

The interior fittings are easy to change and very cheap. For example a hanging rail for a single wardrobe is £2 and a double, brace yourself, is £3!

We also have their wooden drawers plus their plastic tubs on rails inside our numerous ikea wardrobes. Their canvas storage tubs are also great.

They have taken some serious knocks from the children but are still looking good. We have them in every room.

My nearest Ikea used to be 45 minute drive away but is now 5minute drive so very convenient for me if I want to change the fittings inside.

Next step? Iron. Steam iron the heck out of your fabric to get out the fold marks and wrinkles. 

The last step before adhering the fabric to your pieces is to prep the drawer fronts. Each drawer front comes with two predrilled holes for the handles. Fill these two holes with wood filler, wax, or putty. I used a Minwax pencil:

STOCKHOLM Rug , $199
Pricey, for IKEA standards, but this black and white striped rug has been holding ground in some of my favorite spaces.

"All of this makes me more and more suspicious there is a smoking gun in there," said Michael Green, a Wake Forest University law school professor who has represented companies facing product liability suits.

With its simple design, this high-quality TV Unit will certainly be a perfect furniture piece for your home. Due to its dark-toned espresso finish, no doubts it will easily match the rest of the furniture, as well as any interior style.

when she said she wanted a more modern, Restoration Hardware finish for her son’s room, i knew we’d find a way to make this work!

You can customize this according to which Malm you have. Once trimmed to four pieces, all 32×8, I applied them to the drawer fronts with 3M spray adhesive . It helps to remove the drawers, and stand them up so you can lie the paper flat. Once you have a sure fit, lift one half of the paper, spray the drawer front under it, and smooth it onto the sprayed drawer. It will stick right away, securing it in place while you repeat with the other half. I did not use Mod Podge as it would probably cause the print to bubble and smear.

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