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So when I first heard about crafting super power that is Mod Podge I tried to ignore the screamy witch and find out exactly what it is that makes Mod Podge such a delight. First of all I began by trying to find out what Mod Podge know what it is, basically?

Anyway, here are four of our potential patterns that we laid out over the lip of our crib to evaluate as a group. We actually opted to use the three boldest ones twice (since we had six drawers to line) so each drawer would have a punchy little surprise inside. This meant that we had to eliminate one pattern so after a bit of deliberation we settled on two drawers with the orange bubble pattern, two with the green birdie design and two with the bright blue flowered paper. We figure that they’ll never all be open at the same time so it’ll hardly be overwhelming and we liked the idea of Baby P pulling open each drawer when she’s older to see something fun and graphic while she’s grabbing a pair of socks or putting away her crayons.

In this first step, we will put together the basic frame, including the two sides and top of the dresser. I had the plywood pieces cut at the ...

You'll be all smiles making this modern-day version of a bulletin board. Customize the size, fabric, and string design to create a playful display with just a few standard tools. Use a staple gun to cover medium-density fiberboard with white felt and fabric. Create rows of tacks and wrap string around each one to create a web. Place photos behind the string, and display.

Looks pretty close to me! You know…except the color and knobs and overall condition. It’s like the ugly sister.

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With its simple design, this high-quality TV Unit will certainly be a perfect furniture piece for your home. Due to its dark-toned espresso finish, no doubts it will easily match the rest of the furniture, as well as any interior style.

I've compiled below my "Top 5 Moving Tips", "Top 3 Moving Companies" as well as "3 Alternative Moving Options" based on our research & experience. So good luck all you gorgeous wayward travelers. I hope this helps you with your move!

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cheap dresser alternativecheap dresser alternativecheap dresser alternative